WSC Model Portfolio Composite – Sample

Investment Objective of the WSC Model Portfolio Composite

  • The WSC Model Portfolio Composite is designed to achieve outstanding risk-adjusted returns across all market environments with little correlation to common asset classes by exploiting the diversification premium in a very systematic way.

Typical Investor:

  • Conservative investors focused on long-term capital appreciation.
  • Fixed income investors searching for a strong alternative in a rising interest rate environment.

Investment Process:

  • The WSC Model Portfolio Composite is an equal-weighted composite of all four model portfolios offered by WallStreetCourier.

Allocation Advice:

  • Please have a closer look at the description of our offered Model Portfolios.

Performance Calculation:

  • The performance calculation is based on the assumption that each model portfolio is weighted equally. A rebalancing is only taking place at the first trading day of the year.


  • S&P 500.


  • The performance and risk figures are updated on a weekly basis. For further information please visit our FAQ page.