A Proven Way to Beat The Market

Why are some traders more successful than others? There are probably as many answers as there are traders out there. You will undoubtedly agree that most of the money is being made in a trend, especially as far as options and futures are concerned. In options trading your biggest enemy by far is time. You need to have the patience and discipline to wait for a trend in the market in order to succeed in the long run.

Not surprisingly, empirical literature examining the effectiveness of the trend (momentum) factor is vast. For example, the research paper “A Century of Evidence on Trend-Following Investing” published in the Journal of Portfolio Management in 2017 shows that trend investing as investment strategy had been consistently profitable throughout the past 134 years. This is a fact that we have been telling our subscribers since 1999, the year that we went online.

Another proven way to time the market is simply to watch what the so called “Smart Money” and “Dumb Money” is doing.  “Smart Money” is always trend-leading, whereas “Dumb Money” is trend-lagging. Thus, measuring market sentiment (the investment behaviour of “Smart- and Dumb Money”) helps in identifying establishing trends and major turning points before common price indicators do.

Identify Major Inflection Points in a Timely Manner

The subscriber’s section of WallStreetCourier.com currently updates over 50 well-tested and well-selected market indicators (trend, trend quality and market sentiment). Below you can see some examples of a proprietary trend indicator (Global Futures Trend Index) during the biggest stock market crisis as well as other popular market indicators.

We Sort the Wheat From the Chaff

The subscriber’s section of WallStreetCourier.com currently updates over 50 well-tested and well-selected market indicators. Our indicators measure the trend and the trend quality of the S&P 500, the market sentiment as well as the investment behavior of smart- and dumb money. This also includes the well-known Smart Money Flow Index and the Big Picture Indicator, which is condensing all signals of our published market indicators.

WallStreetCourier's well-selected and well-tested market indicators.

Below you find a selection of our well-selected and well-tested market indicators.

Instead of providing an unlimited number of charts, we are specialized in providing well-tested and well-selected market indicators that are consistent and complementary to each other. Apart from the ability to generate reliable timing signals, an important selection criterion is, therefore, to provide information based on low-correlated input data. This approach enables an unbiased view on the market, by reducing the number of redundant signals based on the same information (e.g. price).

How to use our market indicators to identify the current market condition (regime) of the S&P 500

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As a result, our indicators do not only measure and identify the price trend of the S&P 500, but also the trend quality (aggregated trend information of its underlying constituents on multiple time frames), as well as market sentiment (the investment behavior of Smart and Dumb Money). This valuable information enables you to identify the “real trend” by measuring the underlying trend-participation on a daily basis. That means you are able to gauge if the current price trend of the S&P 500 is backed by a broad basis (high quality trend) or if it is just driven by a few heavy-weighted stocks in the index (low quality trend). If the second one holds, a reversal in these stocks could easily trigger a trend break since there is no safety net around them to cushion such a move. This often coincides with the time Dumb Money goes in big, whereas Smart Money is already taking the opposite side of the trade.

Find a Trend Before it Finds You!

You only recognize a profitable trade when you close the position.  The most difficult aspects of trading are twofold: to identify strong trends in an early stage and to know when they are ending. We support you in this process by offering highly effective market indicators, tools and a Weekly Market Regime Outlook to identify trends and trend-reversals in a highly systematic way. On top of that, each indicator can be downloaded in spread sheet format (.csv) for further analysis.

Just compare our indicators with the S&P 500 and you will soon know why we have become such a respected source for financial information on the web.

When Will You Start to Trade the Real Trend?

Get the Best Timing Indicators You May Have Ever Received to Get The Ahead of the Crowd Now!

  • Over 50 well-tested and well-selected market indicators to identify strong trends before others do.
  • Download all indicators in spread sheet format (.csv) for further customized research.
  • Measure the current position in the stock market cycle with our inimitable Big Picture Indicator.
  • Identify potential trend breaks in a timely manner with our powerful Indicator Dashboard.