In-Depth Regime Analysis & Actionable Outlook

The main purpose of the Weekly Market Outlook is to give an actionable outlook on the S&P 500 based on the current market regime. By reviewing all indicators used by the Big Picture Indicator, we evaluate the strength and the sustainability of the current market regime on a weekly basis. This structured in-depth analysis of all indicators – grouped by type and time frame – determines the precise location of the S&P 500 in the current regime. As a result, it red-flags predictable changes in the Big Picture Indicator beforehand. Especially regime switches have proven to be very successful in calling major inflection points in stocks and risky assets. At the end of each report, we give an actionable regime-based outlook according to the readings of our market indicators.

Our outlook is helping members to capitalize on sustained regimes and shifts and to avoid buying stocks and other risky assets (such as futures, options,  junk bonds, …) during unfavorable market conditions. Moreover, our outlook is supporting active investors in adapting their investment approach to the current market regime (e.g. using leverage or leveraged products only during favorable market regimes while avoiding buying the dips during unfavorable market regimes…). Besides, our report is supporting members in seeing opportunities while financial headlines rage.

Actionable Outlook to Maximize Return Opportunities & Minimize Losses

Avoiding larger losses and taking more risk during favorable market regimes ensures that the most powerful force in the universe, also known as compound interest (Albert Einstein), will work in your favor. Below you can see some examples of identified positive and negative market regimes and why avoiding losses matters!

Learn From Experts

By reading our Weekly Market Outlook on a regular basis, you will soon be able to identify regime-based trading opportunities by yourself. Besides showing that you fully understand the basic principles of our successful regime-based investing, it also enables you to become a self-sufficient and successful investor. As the S&P 500 sets the direction for other risky assets, our Weekly WSC Market Outlook is also highly recommended to non-U.S. equity focused investors.