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Mastering Trend Investing

‘The trend is your friend’ – a timeless saying on Wall Street for good reason. Trend following stands as one of the oldest and profitable investment strategies, backed by practitioner results and robust academic literature.

At WallStreetCourier, we’re dedicated to helping you to identify strong trends at work. Our mission is simple: to equip you with the tools and insights essential for mastering trend investing.

Our research platform empowers you to pinpoint trends across global markets and categorizes them into predefined market regimes based on their strength and direction. This capability allows you to seize profitable opportunities with confidence.

Outsource your indicator screening to identify strong trends

Screen hundrets of indicators in less than a minute

Our platform brings trend analysis to the next level

Identify trends and trend breaks based on a wide range of well-tested, carefully selected, and widely recognized market indicators. These indicators cover trend, trend quality (market breadth), and smart- and dumb-money positions.

Benefit from detailed signal breakdowns to unlock a clear and comprehensive understanding of prevailing market dynamics.

Focus on factors that truly matter rather than analyzing noise for hours

Decompose a trend into its most essential factors

Our platform brings trend analysis to the next level

By systematically aggregating dozens of indicator signals, we capture essential factors like trend, trend quality (breadth), and sentiment (smart- and dumb-money positioning).

Delve deep into trend factors that truly matter. Our analysis provides you with a detailed examination of key factors that drive sustainable trends.

Such a deep dive empowers you to make informed decisions based on the most impactful aspects of the underlying market.

Let data guide your decisions, react faster and never miss an opportunity to get in or out

Effectively analyze trend conditions over time​

Our platform brings trend analysis to the next level

Robust trends are built on the foundation of dozens of well-tested market indicator signals across three different timeframes.

React to the emerging trends and trend breaks faster, never miss an opportunity to get in or out. Utilize our interactive charts to closely monitor market health conditions over time.

Unlock the power of data-driven trend investing

Classifying Trends Into Market Regimes

Our platform brings trend analysis to the next level

Our platform helps you identify trends using multiple indicators, categorizing them into six pre-defined market regimes based on their strength and direction.

Each market regime requires a different investment strategy. For example, during a bullish regime, it’s advantageous to be fully invested or hold high beta assets, while during a bearish regime, it’s often wise to reduce exposure and preserve capital.

The official source for Bloomberg Professional

Smart Money Flow Index

The Smart Money Flow Index (SMFI) has long been one of the best kept secrets of Wall Street. Almost everyone has heard of “Smart Money”, “Dumb Money” and the so called “Crowd”, and that is exactly what our indicators are all about. Top performing money managers, savvy investors and institutional asset managers are relying on them. 

One of them is the Smart Money Flow Index for instance. WallStreetCourier is the official provider of the SMFI for Bloomberg Professional. However, our members access the SMFI before it is sent to Bloomberg, giving them a head start in the market

Identify profitable trends before common price indicators do

Track down smart money positions

Our platform brings trend analysis to the next level

Analyzing the positions of the COT reports reveals valuable insights for a competitive edge.

Our research analyzes the investment behavior of Smart Money across three timeframes, allowing you to identify high-rewarding market conditions and potential shifts before common price indicators do.

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