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Clear terms for our services, outlining usage, payment, and termination

Subscriber Agreement

Welcome to the Subscriber Agreement and Terms of Service (“Agreement”) between you and the owners of WallStreetCourier. Before you access or use the services provided by WallStreetCourier, it’s important to carefully review this Agreement.

References to “WallStreetCourier” include its owner and any associated affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, and employees. References to “you” and “your” pertain to you as the subscriber.

Acceptance and Conditions

Your access to and use of WallStreetCourier is expressly conditioned upon your acceptance of all the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement. By using WallStreetCourier, you signify your agreement to these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, please refrain from using the service.

Description of Services

WallStreetCourier offers a range of services, including regularly published indicators, reports, and newsletters delivered via email or posted on password-protected web areas. The content covers commentary and information related to stocks, bonds, securities, options, futures, and general financial markets. WallStreetCourier is also engaged in the development of research tools and services for securities trading-related activities.


Upon subscribing to WallStreetCourier, you commit to providing accurate registration information, including your legal name, address, and email address. It is your responsibility to maintain and update this information to ensure its accuracy. Falsifying or providing inaccurate information may lead to termination of your subscription.

Please note: While we understand the need to access our services from different locations, sharing passwords among users is strictly prohibited. Suspicious behavior, such as shared passwords, may result in the forfeiture of subscription fees and access termination. Password sharing poses a risk to the confidentiality of your information.

Prices, Payment, Renewal, and Cancellation

The price plans shown on the website are valid for retail clients only (B2C) and include taxes. Corporate prices for institutional clients and for multi-user accounts (B2B) are negotiated separately.

Subscription fees are charged to the payment method provided by you. These charges will appear on your statement under “WallStreetCourier”. Payment for subscriptions is due in advance and will be charged to your credit card or chosen payment method before the selected subscription period begins.

Subscriptions are automatically renewed, either monthly or annually, as per your choice. You can cancel the renewal of your subscription prior in your account settings or notify WallStreetCourier via the provided email addresses at least 48 hours before your renewal date. We do not offer refunds for subscriptions after the trial period. Also, no refunds will be provided for partially used subscription periods, this also includes upgrades. WallStreetCourier reserves the right to adjust subscription rates, with notice, after 30 days.

If a charge is declined by your credit card company or chosen payment method, WallStreetCourier reserves the right to terminate your subscription and access.

Username & Password

Upon registration, you will receive a username and password for accessing WallStreetCourier. You agree not to transfer, assign, or share these credentials. It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your login information. If you suspect a security breach, promptly notify WallStreetCourier and change your username and password.

Representations and Warranties

By subscribing, you affirm that you are at least eighteen (18) years old and have the authority to enter into and comply with this Agreement. You agree to adhere to all the terms and conditions specified in this Agreement, including the terms of use outlined below. Furthermore, you confirm the accuracy and completeness of your registration and subscription information.

Terms of Use

  1. You are granted access to WallStreetCourier and email communications solely for personal use. Modification, reproduction, distribution, transmission, display, or sale of information, materials, or services from WallStreetCourier is prohibited. You may share charts on social media if you acknowledge the source and do not affect WallStreetCourier’s subscription model.
  2. You acknowledge and accept the terms of the disclaimer posted on WallStreetCourier, incorporated herein by reference.
  3. You agree to use your access for lawful purposes only.
  4. Sharing your username and password or facilitating access for terminated subscribers is prohibited.
  5. All materials on WallStreetCourier, including text, graphics, articles, images, audio, and video (collectively, “Content”), are protected by copyright. You must respect copyright notices and usage restrictions. You may download or copy content for personal use while preserving all copyright notices. Storing significant portions of content is not allowed, and any other use requires written permission.
  6. Links to third-party sites are provided for convenience. WallStreetCourier is not responsible for their content or products. You are responsible for reviewing terms, privacy policies, and disclaimers on linked sites. WallStreetCourier does not endorse or recommend brokerage firms accessed through links.
  7. Some content and tools on WallStreetCourier are provided by third-party content providers. WallStreetCourier and third-party providers do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of such information. Your use of these materials is at your own risk.
  8. WallStreetCourier may not be available due to various factors, including maintenance or unforeseeable circumstances. WallStreetCourier may modify, suspend, or discontinue services or features without notice or liability.


WallStreetCourier reserves the right to terminate your subscription or limit your access at its discretion. In the event of a breach of this Agreement, termination may occur without refund. In the event that WallStreetCourier becomes unable to continue its operations for any reason, all active subscriptions will terminate automatically, and no refunds or pro-rata will be issued. We are committed to providing our services, but unforeseen circumstances may arise. Your subscription is contingent on our ability to maintain our operations.

Modification and Amendment

WallStreetCourier may modify this Agreement with notice through the website or email. Your use of the services following such notification constitutes acceptance of the modified terms.

Dispute Resolution and Governing Law

  1. The Agreement is subject to Austrian law. The application of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is excluded. For any disputes arising from or in connection with the Agreement, the jurisdiction of the competent court in Graz, AUSTRIA is deemed to be agreed. Each party bears its costs and expenses, and punitive damages are limited to statutory requirements. The existence and results of arbitration shall remain confidential.
  2. The parties involved shall bear their respective costs and expenses, with no authority granted to arbitrators to award punitive damages beyond actual damages as required by law.
  3. Neither party nor an arbitrator may disclose details of the arbitration proceedings without the prior written consent of both parties.
  4. This Agreement supersedes all previous agreements, whether oral or written, pertaining to its subject matter.


WallStreetCourier provides information as an informational service and does not offer investment advice. Opinions expressed are not personalized recommendations. While obtained from believed reliable sources, accuracy is not guaranteed. WallStreetCourier may buy or sell discussed securities without disclosing all trades to subscribers.

The service is not liable for any losses resulting from its content. Securities discussed are speculative and carry risks.

Information on WallStreetCourier is for informational purposes and not a substitute for professional advice. Consult a qualified advisor for up-to-date information. WallStreetCourier does not provide legal or professional services.

The information on WallStreetCourier may change, suspend, or discontinue. WallStreetCourier makes no warranties regarding its accuracy or completeness. Links to third-party sites do not imply endorsement.

The user consents to receiving emails and newsletters upon registration.

WallStreetCourier is the copyright owner of site content, and unauthorized redistribution is prohibited. You may print content for personal use but not reproduce or distribute it. Violators may face legal consequences.

Except as outlined above, any redistribution or unauthorized use of WallStreetCourier content is strictly prohibited.