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Identifying Profitable Market Regimes

Access exclusive research and analysis on major markets. Gain valuable insights effortlessly. Just simplify the process of staying informed.

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Pinpoint optimal entry and exit points

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Analyse 63 major markets & sectors

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Profitable market regime? Spot & succeed!

Maximize your trading success. Spot profitable market regimes for numerous global market indices and sectors.

Market regimes are acting like a data-driven weather report for financial markets.

Gain instant insights into high-reward market regimes and potential shifts across relevant markets and sectors.

Let data guide your decisions, removing emotion from the equation

Make confident investment decisions effortlessly

Identify strong trending markets to harmonize risk and return objectives accordingly.

Our research service supports you by consolidating signals from dozens of well-tested, carefully selected, and widely recognized market indicators.

Unlock a clear and comprehensive understanding of prevailing market dynamics

Screen hundrets of indicators in less than a minute

Our market regime research combines signals from trend, trend quality and sentiment indicators as well as smart money positioning across three time frames. 

By combining short- to mid-term and mid-term to long-term market health readings, the specific market regime is determined.

Benefit from detailed signal breakdowns to unlock a clear and comprehensive understanding of prevailing market dynamics.

Navigate the investment landscape like a pro!

Cutting-edge top down analysis

Market regimes are acting like a daily data-driven weather report for financial markets. Gain valuable insights effortlessly, without decoding conflicting signals or dealing with complex reports.

Gain instant insights into high-reward market regimes and potential shifts across numerous market and sectors. Navigate the investment landscape like a pro and master the art of top-down analysis.

Focus on relevant performance drivers rather than analyzing noise for hours

Analyze factors that truly matter

Delve deep into market factors that truly matter. Our analysis provides you with a detailed analysis of key factors that drive sustainable trends. 

Such a deep dive empowers you to make informed decisions based on the most impactful aspects of the underlying market.

Spend less time on contradicting signals and more time making profitable investments

Monitor market health over time

Profitable market regimes are built on the foundation of market health, derived from bundling dozens of well-tested market indicator signals across three different time frames.

Gain valuable insights into the health condition of numerous markets and sectors over time. 

Utilize our interactive charts to closely monitor market health conditions over time.

Market regimes mirror weather conditons in investing

The Idea Behind Market Regimes

We always compare investing with sailing. On a beautiful day, navigating a ship is a simple and enjoyable task. When market conditions are favorable, it is easy to pick the right security as the tide lifts all boats.

However, just like the weather at sea can change rapidly, market conditions can also shift unpredictably, causing years of gains to be wiped out, often within a few days. Even the concept of diversification could falter in certain market environments. As a result, skillfully avoiding unfavorable market regimes becomes paramount for long-term success.

Master the art of top-down analysis

Advanced signal drill down options

With our unique data-driven methodology, you can efficiently narrow down single market regimes based on indicator signals, enabling more targeted decision-making. 

Our approach combines the precision of data analysis with a holistic view of the big picture, providing you with a comprehensive advantage. 

Perform advanced track-record analysis with our interactive charts

Single indicator screening

One-stop hub to hundrets of classic and proprietary indicators classified by category and time frame. 

Dive deep into the world of indicators, all conveniently located on a single site. 

Our interactive charts provide a user-friendly experience, allowing you to perform advanced track-record analysis. Uncover valuable insights and gain a deeper understanding of market trends and patterns.

The official source for Bloomberg Professional

Smart Money Flow Index

The Smart Money Flow Index (SMFI) has long been one of the best kept secrets of Wall Street. Almost everyone has heard of “Smart Money”, “Dumb Money” and the so called “Crowd”, and that is exactly what our indicators are all about. Top performing money managers, savvy investors and institutional asset managers are relying on them. 

One of them is the Smart Money Flow Index for instance. WallStreetCourier is the official provider of the SMFI for Bloomberg Professional. However, our members access the SMFI before it is sent to Bloomberg, giving them a head start in the market

Identify profitable trends before common price indicators do

Track down smart money positions

Analyzing the positions of the COT reports reveals valuable insights for a competitive edge.

Our research analyzes the investment behavior of Smart Money across three time frames, allowing you to identify high-rewarding market conditions and potential shifts before common price indicators do.

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