Uncover Major Shifts in Futures Markets!

The CoT Report provides inside information about purchases and sales of futures contracts. The largest players in each market are required to disclose their positions to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) . The resulting CoT Report shows the net positions of traders, which are separated into three groups:

  • Commercial Hedgers (“Dumb Money”)
  • Small Traders (“Dumb Money”)
  • Large Speculators (“Smart Money”)

It is common knowledge that Large Speculators (“Smart Money”) are holding a significant informational edge over other traders as far as fundamental supply and demand statistics are concerned. This is a fact that has also been confirmed by empirical literature (Investor Sentiment and Return Predictability in Agricultural Futures Markets”, Journal of Futures Markets, 2001). “Smart Money” is always trend-leading, whereas “Dumb Money” is trend-lagging.

By measuring the investment behavior of “Smart & Dumb Money” our CoT indicators will help our subscribers to identify major high reward market regimes and major shifts before typical price indicators do.

How to Use the Cot Index to Identify Establishing Trends in a Timely Manner

Track the positioning of Smart Money, measure extreme positions of Smart Money and identify establishing trends or major shifts in a timely manner.

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Are You Standing on the Right Side of the Trade?

  • Positive Market Regimes: CoT Index of Large Speculators above 70 percent.

  • Negative Market  Regimes: CoT Index of Large Speculators below 30 percent.

  • Potential Regime Shifts: Extreme divergences between Large Speculators and the price of the underlying security.

The COT Dashboard: A Must-Have for Commodity Traders

Definitely the most exclusive feature within the CoT section of our member’s area is the Commitment of Traders Dashboard, as it shows the CoT Index value for Large Speculators and Commercial Hedgers and a propriety trend/momentum score ranging from 0 (weakest) to 100 percent (strongest) for the past 2 months for each relevant futures market on a single chart.

COT Dashboard

The aim of the COT Dashboard is to identify establishing high rewarding market regimes and potential shifts in a timely manner.

  • Positive Market Regimes: CoT Index of Large Speculators above 70 percent.
  • Negative Market  Regimes: CoT Index of Large Speculators below 30 percent.
  • Potential Regime Shifts: Extreme divergences between the CoT Index of Large Speculators momentum of the underlying security.

An Insider’s Take on What’s Really Going On!

A proven way to identify major shifts in financial markets is simply to watch closely what the so-called “Smart Money” is doing. We can help you unlock the secrets contained within the CoT Report for 45 futures markets.

We do not only provide the CoT Index for Large Speculators and Commercials but also the net position and the open interest for each group. On top of that, for our institutional clients, the CoT Positions can be downloaded for each futures market in spread sheet format (.csv) for further analysis.

COT Indicator Overview

Below you find a table of all our offered COT indicators. Use mouse over to display the charts and sort table by clicking its headers.  Please note that the charts are delayed for our non-members.

Name (COT Index)Name (Net Position)Group
COT DashboardCOT DashboardOverview
Australian Dollar - COT IndexAustralian Dollar - Net PositionsCurrencies
British Pound - COT IndexBritish Pound - Net PositionsCurrencies
Canadian Dollar - COT IndexCanadian Dollar - Net PositionsCurrencies
Euro - COT IndexEuro - Net PositionsCurrencies
Japanese Yen - COT IndexJapanese Yen - Net PositionsCurrencies
Mexican Peso - COT IndexMexican Peso - Net PositionsCurrencies
Swiss Franc - COT IndexSwiss Franc - Net PositionsCurrencies
US Dollar - COT IndexUS Dollar - Net PositionsCurrencies
Crude Oil - COT IndexCrude Oil - Net PositionsEnergies
Heating Oil - COT IndexHeating Oil - Net PositionsEnergies
Natural Gas - COT IndexNatural Gas - Net PositionsEnergies
Corn - COT IndexCorn - Net PositionsGrains
Oats - COT IndexOats - Net PositionsGrains
Soybean Meal - COT IndexSoybean Meal - Net PositionsGrains
Soybean Oil - COT IndexSoybean Oil - Net PositionsGrains
Soybeans - COT IndexSoybeans - Net PositionsGrains
Wheat (Chicago) - COT IndexWheat (Chicago) - Net PositionsGrains
Wheat (KC) - COT IndexWheat (KC) - Net PositionsGrains
Wheat (Minn) - COT IndexWheat (Minn) - Net PositionsGrains
CBOE Volatility - COT IndexCBOE Volatility - Net PositionsIndices
Dow Jones - COT IndexDow Jones - Net PositionsIndices
Nasdaq 100 - COT IndexNasdaq 100 - Net PositionsIndices
Nasdaq Mini - COT IndexNasdaq Mini - Net PositionsIndices
Nikkei - COT IndexNikkei - Net PositionsIndices
S&P 400 Mini - COT IndexS&P 400 Mini - Net PositionsIndices
S&P 500 - COT IndexS&P 500 - Net PositionsIndices
S&P 500 Mini - COT IndexS&P 500 Mini - Net PositionsIndices
Feeder Cattle - COT IndexFeeder Cattle - Net PositionsLivestocks
Lean Hogs - COT IndexLean Hogs - Net PositionsLivestocks
Live Cattle - COT IndexLive Cattle - Net PositionsLivestocks
Copper Grade - COT IndexCopper Grade - Net PositionsMetals
Gold - COT IndexGold - Net PositionsMetals
Palladium - COT IndexPalladium - Net PositionsMetals
Platinum - COT IndexPlatinum - Net PositionsMetals
Silver - COT IndexSilver - Net PositionsMetals
2 Year T-Notes - COT Index2 Year T-Notes - Net PositionsRates
5 Year T-Notes - COT Index5 Year T-Notes - Net PositionsRates
6.5 - 10 Year T-Notes - COT Index6.5 - 10 Year T-Notes - Net PositionsRates
Eurodollar - COT IndexEurodollar - Net PositionsRates
Fed Funds - COT IndexFed Funds - Net PositionsRates
Long Term T-Bonds - COT IndexLong Term T-Bonds - Net PositionsRates
Cocoa - COT IndexCocoa - Net PositionsSofts
Coffee - COT IndexCoffee - Net PositionsSofts
Cotton - COT IndexCotton - Net PositionsSofts
Frozen OJ - COT IndexFrozen OJ - Net PositionsSofts
Sugar #11 - COT IndexSugar #11 - Net PositionsSofts

Are You Standing on The Right Side of the Trade?