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Commitment of Traders Indicators & Dashboard!

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) provides inside information about purchases and sales of futures contracts. The largest players in each market are required to disclose their positions to the CFTC daily, and the resulting report is released on a weekly basis. These traders are separated into Commercial Hedgers, Small Traders and Large Speculators (aka Managed Money/Large Traders).

Unlocking the secrets of the CoT-Report!
With such a powerful tool, no major trend has been or will be overlooked
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A classic bearish set-up for coffee, as large traders (speculators) are net-short and commercial hedgers are net-long!
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A classic bearish set-up for coffee as large traders (speculators) are net short and commercial hedgers are net long!
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In 2012, Moskowitz, Ooi and Pedersen have shown that large speculators trade with time-series momentum, being typically positioned to take advantage of a positive trend in returns and reducing their positions when the trend begins to reverse. As a result, large speculators are profiting from the time-series momentum at the expense of commercial hedgers. Consequently, you’d consider it a classic bullish setup for a given market when large speculators are net-long and commercial hedgers are net-short. This result could also be confirmed by Wang (2001), who showed that a trading strategy following large changes in speculator positions and/or contrary to large changes in hedger positions is significantly more profitable in most agricultural, commodity, and currency future markets.

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Identify establishing trends or major inflection points!

We can help you unlock the information contained within the Commitments of Traders Report by providing a dashboard and charts tracking the investment behavior of these three groups for the most relevant future markets. Each chart shows the relevant futures price, the open interest, the net position and the CoT Index (3 years lookback) for each group and for multiple time frames. The CoT Index is an extremely useful indicator as its number reflects the current net position rank as a percentage (between 0 and 100) of its range over the past 3 years. As a result, the CoT Index is able to highlight extremes in net positions within each group and is therefore often used as trade-alert, or trade-setup.

Definitely the most exclusive feature within that section is the CoT Dashboard, as it shows the CoT Index value for large speculators and commercial hedgers and a propriety time-series momentum score ranging from 0 to 100 percent for the past 2 months for each relevant futures market on a single chart. The aim is to identify establishing trends or major inflection points, which are supported by corresponding net positions of large speculators, in a timely manner.

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