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Identifying Trends with Cutting-Edge Indicators

Quality before quantity

We meticulously select indicators that are thoroughly tested for reliability and compatibility​

Harness the Power of Rigorous Indicator Selection

  • Our platform classifies trends of dozens of global market indices and sectors based on their strength and direction into six predefined market regimes.

  • This enables you, especially investors seeking quick insights without delving into complex charts, to swiftly identify emerging trends and pinpoint trading setups and potential trend shifts.

Our Approach to Indicator Selection

We recognize that not all indicators are consistently accurate and often contradict each other. To navigate these challenges, we meticulously select indicators that are thoroughly tested for reliability and compatibility. Each indicator is tailored to capture specific aspects of  a trend, offering a focused perspective on current market movements.

Screen hundrets of indicator signals in less than a minute

The flowchart below shows key components utilized to identify current market regimes for the  specific market or sector. Organized by type and timeframe, our indicators capture essential performance factors such as trend, trend quality (breadth), and sentiment (smart and dumb money positioning), enabling us to identify strong trending markets effectively.

Master Trend Investing: Overcome Challenges with Ease!

Our platform goes beyond just tracking the overall market trend. It assesses trend quality across different time frames, gauges market sentiment, and analyzes the behavior of “Smart” and “Dumb Money”. Smart Money tends to lead trends, while Dumb Money typically lags. This analysis helps us anticipate significant market shifts earlier than traditional price indicators.

Reducing Signal Redundancy

  • By utilizing a diverse set of indicators and alternative data sources (trend quality, sentiment, smart- and dumb money) as well as proprietary indicators, we minimize redundant signals stemming from the same information (such as price).
  • This approach ensures a more unbiased and accurate view of current market trends.

Detect Actionable Trend Changes Instantly

  • Wide Range of Well-Tested Indicators: Screen hundreds in less than a minute, ensuring comprehensive trend analysis.
  • Nerd Out on Single Indicators: Dive deep into the world of indicators, all conveniently located on a single site. Our interactive charts provide a user-friendly experience, allowing you to perform advanced track-record analysis.
  • Detailed Signal Breakdowns: Benefit from in-depth breakdowns for a clear understanding of market and trend dynamics.
  • Enhanced Accuracy and Reliability: Our indicators cover trend, market breadth, and smart- and dumb-money positions for reliable signals.
  • Efficient Decision-Making: Quickly identify strong trends and breaks.
  • Confidence in Analysis: Rely on well-tested indicators for consistent insights.
  • Enhanced Profitability: Maximize opportunities with accurate trend analysis.

Quality before quantity

Improve Your Response to Changing Trend Conditions

Outsource your indicator screening to identify strong trends. Access hedge fund-grade trend analysis previously unavailable to retail investors. Join our platform today to transform your approach to trend analysis and gain a competitive edge in the market.

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