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The Smart Money Flow Index (SMFI) has long been one of the best kept secrets of Wall Street. Almost everyone has heard of “Smart Money”, “Dumb Money” and the so called “Crowd”, and that is exactly what our indicators are all about. Top performing money managers, savvy investors and institutional asset managers are relying on them. One of them is the Smart Money Flow Index for instance, which is also featured on the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL Service under SMART <Index> <GO>.

Just ask yourself these questions: Would you be a buyer if you see that the public and the option market (dumb money) go on a buying spree while the “Smart Money” are heavily short at the same time? Do you know when to part company with the crowd and take profits? The key is to know when the smart guys are trend-following or contrarian. This is exactly what our research is specalized in. We publish the Smart Money Flow Index for free just to give you a glimpse of an idea about the research we offer in our members section.

Free Daily Updated Smart Money Flow Index

How to Interpret the SMFI?

  • Bullish: Bullish divergences between the SMFI and the Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • Bearish: Bearish divergences between the SMFI and the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Troubles in identifying precise entry and exit points? Read the full guide below:

The Easy-To-Read Version of the Smart Money Flow Index:

  • Since the signals of the SMFI are based on negative and positive divergences, they are often subject of interpretation. Above all, divergences can last for quite a time making it even more complicated for novice users to identify precise entry and exit points.
  • For that reason, we offer an easy-to-read-version of the Smart Money Flow Index in our members section, the WSC Capitulation Index. The WSC Capitulation Index is a tool that helps investors identify precise entry and exit points in the stock market. It is based on the same formula as the Smart Money Flow Index (SMFI), but uses an additional mathematical adjustment to provide more accurate signals. This indicator is known for its ability to predict market changes with incredible timing, making it a popular choice among investors.  When the Fisher Transformation of the WSC Capitulation Index passes its bearish threshold (above 0.8), it indicates that smart money is selling aggressively into the market, and dumb money is taking the opposite side of the trade. For more information, click here.
  • Additionally, we offer our members the Big Picture Indicator which is condensing all signals of our published market indicators, plus the Weekly Market Regime Outlook, where we interpret the readings of all published market indicators (like the SMFI) on a weekly basis.

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Bloomberg’s official source for the Smart Money Flow Index

Since 2003, WallStreetCourier has been the official source for the Smart Money Flow Index by Bloomberg Professional Service. Below, you will find a screenshot of our Smart Money Flow Index published by Bloomberg.

The Idea of the Smart Money Flow Index

Identify the Buying Behavior of Smart- versus Dumb Money

The idea of the SMFI is to identify the buying behavior of Smart- versus Dumb Money in the U.S. stock market. The Smart Money Flow Index is based on the concept of Don Hays’ Smart Money Index (SMI), but uses a more efficient  formula to remove emotional transactions. The SMFI was developed by R. Koch in 1997 and is a trademark of WallStreetCourier.

The Smart Money Flow Index is calculated according to a proprietary formula by measuring the action of the Dow during two periods: shortly after the opening and within the last hour. The first minutes represent emotional buying, driven by greed and fear on the part of the crowd, based on good and/or bad news. During the opening, there is also a lot of buying on market orders, as well as short covering. Smart money typically waits until the end, and they tend to test the market beforehand by shorting heavily in order to gauge the market’s reaction. Afterwards, the big investments are made. These heavy hitters tend to have the best possible information available, and they have an edge on all the other market participants.

Read our Guide to Understanding and Utilizing the SMFI

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The Smart Money Flow Index: A Must-Have for Investors!

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  • Detailed trend, smart & dumb indicator section for those who want to nerd-out
  • Should you ever come across such a sophisticated approach we would appreciate it if you let us know

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